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Palace Theatre pulling curtain on “stunning” transformation

Palace Theatre pulling curtain on “stunning” transformation

614now Staff

After a six-month makeover, Palace Theatre is ready to re-emerge and live its best life.

The 92-year-old venue got all of the following upgrades:

  • repair of damaged plaster, new paint in a new color scheme
  • all-new seats on the main floor
  • full refurbishment of balcony seats
  • cleaning
  • installation of a new LED house lighting system in the dome and main chandelier
  • high-efficiency heating system
  • new roof 

In a release, CAPA referred to the renovation as “stunning.”


Grammy-nominated comedian Jim Gaffigan will have the honor of breaking in the auditorium on Friday, November 2.

The Palace Theatre rehab is part of an ongoing $6.5 million capital campaign to fund a full renovation of the Palace Theatre which would include the following renovations needed in the lobby:

  • replacement of the front entry doors
  • enhanced security, and repair
  • remodeling of the mezzanine-level men’s restrooms and concessions area.

 “We are thrilled to reveal the stunning transformation of the Palace Theatre’s magnificent auditorium and know that Columbus audiences will agree she once again portrays the royal splendor after which she was designed and named,” stated CAPA President and CEO Chad Whittington. “It’s important to realize that the work is not yet done at the Palace, and CAPA is working diligently to complete the capital campaign to fund the remaining repairs and renovations needed in the lobby.

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