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“What do we want?!” 7 of Columbus’ biggest protests of 2017

“What do we want?!” 7 of Columbus’ biggest protests of 2017

614now Staff

A lot happened in 2017—really, a lot. The people of Columbus stood behind some issues, fought against others, but always took a stand for what they believed in.

There were countless protests that took place last year but here are seven of the biggest…

January 2017— Trump’s travel ban

A protest that swelled to a few hundred people marched on the Ohio Statehouse in honor of A Day Without Immigrants. Also in January, hundreds of people congregated at John Glenn International Airport to protest President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” which temporarily barred people from seven Muslim-majority countries from the U.S. And then there was the Socialist Alternative protest in January when nearly 2,000 marched to protest Trump’s executive orders, cabinet member picks, minimum wage, and the rights of the LGBTQ community

March-Oct 2017— Wendy’s

Nearly 250 Columbus-founded Wendy’s protestors at Goodale Park were soaked in last night’s rain, which included a tornado warning. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers was marching in an effort to put pressure on Wendy’s so they join a list of giant food companies that have adopted a set of particular worker-protection standards.

May 2017— Naked bike ride

Hundreds of half naked people rode with their fleshy cheeks bobbing in the night to fight for causes they believe in—The 8th Annual World Naked Bike Ride Columbus.

June-Oct 2017— #BlackPride4

Four protestors were arrested at the Columbus Pride Parade. A demonstration took place today to call for the release of one.

July 2017— Rally against Pence, Portman

To rally against U.S. Senator Rob Portman and Vice President Mike Pence’s “extreme right-wing agenda, that endangers many Ohioan’s jobs and health,” (they were speaking at the Ohio Republican Party state dinner fundraiser) people gathered with signs on OSU’s campus.

August 2017— Christopher Columbus

Tons of protestors gathered at, you guessed it, City Hall demanding a Christopher Columbus statue be taken down. 

October 2017— #SaveTheCrew

A couple thousand people gathered at City Hall to stick it to Anthony Precourt and fight to save their soccer team.

Did you participate in any protests in 2017? 


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