4 underground comedians coming up for air in Columbus

If you’re dreading the end of summer, you’re in the right place because we’re going to give you five reasons to look forward to fall.

Four hilarious, unique, lesser-known comedians plus one big name will be coming to the buckeye state in the coming months who will laugh you straight through your seasonal affective disorder.

Unknown Hinson

Woodlands Tavern- 1200 West Third Avenue, Columbus

Friday, September 14 @7pm

Unknown Hinson, or Stuart Daniel Baker, is a hard act to describe. He has been around for 25 years, or 400 years (depending on who you ask) and he is a twangy, country western crooner-demon whose music will rock you, and lyrics will make you laugh in devilish glee.

When he wasn’t touring, he was lending his voice and personality to Early Cuyler on the animated series Squidbillies; a show that you probably have seen at least one commercial for on the Adult Swim.

An Unknown Hinson show is hilarious, dark, politically incorrect, and just a good jam. You don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of meeting a “hellbilly” vampire, do you?

The tickets are $20 at the door, or you can purchase them online.

Eddie B

Saturday, September 29 @8pm

Columbus Association for the Performing Arts- 39 East State Street, Columbus

I first heard about Eddie B on CBS Sunday Morning, and it was amazing.

Here is a man that got his master’s degree and became a teacher, and got all the crap that comes along with being a teacher in this day and age.

He would use his sense of humor to vent his frustration with being a teacher, and not only did it speak to his students, it spoke volumes to his fellow teachers. Eddie B is calling this tour his Teacher’s Only Comedy Tour for all the educators out there feeling the boot of the system on their face.

Tickets start at $25, and they can be found on Ticketmaster.

Jaron Myers

The Nest Theatre- 894 W Broad St., Columbus

Sunday, October 28 @7:3opm

If you want to see a clean comic that does stand-up as well as sings, this is your man. For a college drop-out, he is doing well for himself in the comedy world. He has a viral YouTube rap video about Chick-fil-A, he is touring all over the country, and a prank he posted on his social media got him featured on BuzzFeed!

If you want a show that you can bring your kids to, and that won’t break the bank, check out Jaron Myers.

Click here for more info.


Dan Cummins

Funny Bone- 145 Easton Town Center

November 2 and November 3

Dan Cummins is a hilarious and irreverent comedian that has been around for 18 years during which he released 7 comedy albums.

He combines his off-beat personality with intelligence and abnormal observations on conventional society, personal fantasies, relationships and fatherhood.

Tickets are not available until six weeks before the show so check back here when that time comes.

Joe Rogan

Jerome Schottenstein Center- 555 Borror Dr., Columbus

Friday, September 14 @8pm

Joe Rogan has been in the comedy world for 30 years and has had a very checkered career making him the least lesser-known comedian on our list. . You may know from his tube time as the host of Fear Factor or from his post-fight commentary at UFC championships.

The most important thing to know him from, though, is his podcast. The podcast is called, The Joe Rogan Experience, and it mostly features an inside scoop of the comedy world and a no-filter, blunt force, point of view on things that go on in this world.

That personality is what you can expect to see at a show of his, and his uncompromising material will not be softened to endear himself to the crowd, so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

Tickets start at $36 and they can be found on Ticketmaster.


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