WCBE Warp Drive: Put your money where your ears are

By Johnny DiLoretto
90.5 FM WCBE

You ever hear a voice on the radio that got under your skin so much you had to do a Google image search to put a face to the voice?

It’s not always because you’re annoyed. Sometimes the voice is so smooth and pleasant you just want to see if those dulcet tones line up with that square jaw or blue eyes you’re picturing.

If you listen to public radio or NPR you know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re annoyed or mesmerized, that’s a good sign—it means you’re making an emotional connection to the voices you hear.

We hope you get that Google-search urge when you listen to WCBE and odds are you have since no other broadcast operation around, commercial or otherwise, features more community voices than WCBE.

Currently, WCBE features some 14 different local contributors producing shows and podcasts covering everything from jazz, books, movies, personal branding, storytelling, and astronomy. Some of these shows have just a few listeners—mine for instance might have three, two of which are me and my co-host. And, well, I’m hoping there’s a third.

Paul Sutter of Space Radio

Still others like astrophysicist Paul Sutter are growing their audiences beyond Ohio’s borders to different parts of the country and the world. This is just the beginning. Hopefully, someday soon someone will Google search your name because they’ll want to put a face to your voice… And, that’s the plan here: more voices, more faces. So, if you have a great idea for a show or if you know someone who’s sitting on multimedia gold, email me at johnnyd@wcbe.org.

If you want your face to be seen by more than the ears of central Ohioans, you can invest in the voices you hear during our warp drive, happening right now.



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