614 Donut Trail: The Donut Experiment

614 Donut Trail
Welcome, one and all, to the 614 Donut Trail. In the name of journalism and the great city of Columbus, we’ve taken on the honorable duty of chewing through the local donut scene. Each week, we’ll gorge ourselves on the best sweet rings Columbus has to offer and report back to you with our powder sugar-covered findings. Because, after all, the wheels on this C-bus we’re all riding are actually donuts.

The Donut Experiment

6780 Perimeter Loop Rd, Dublin

Columbus’ new experimental donut lair has been allowing its customers to customize each and every donut down to the bacon bit finish for about six months now.

First, patrons choose from six different icings. Then they must contemplate between 17 topping offerings.

The combination possibilities are nearly endless; it’s a control freak’s dream and an indecisive person’s nightmare.

Each donut is anchored by a dense and moist cake donut—the best we’ve had on the 614 Donut Trail!

Vanilla Oreo

We’ve got keen palate for that real Oreo taste and this topping checks out.

Vanilla Raspberry Drizzle

Sweet vanilla frosting with just a little fruity zing of raspberry. Very fun and light!

Chocolate Coconut

Rich tasting icing with a nice coating of texture-y coconut. This donut doesn’t try too hard but it tastes a little more sophisticated.

Chocolate M&M

Again, rich frosting plus the ol’ familiar taste of M&Ms—win, win!


Maple Sea Salt

Great savory taste is good for the not-so sweet tooth.

Chocolate Sprinkle

Love that chocolate on chocolate pairing! Sprinkles not only look good but provide a nice little crunch.

Banana Foster

Not a gigantic fan of banana but the flavor is mild and sweet. Cute and creative and better than expected!

Reese’s Pieces -Editor’s pick!

My, oh, my. That peanut butter drizzle mixed with the bits of peanut butter, chocolate candy make for a delectable combo.

Vanilla Sprinkle

Solid donut plus the cute factor gives it major brownie…uh…we mean donut points!


Sweet, fresh, and soft! This was a real standout specialty.





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