How to become a Rambling House shareholder

Are you a rambling man/woman? Then you’re going to want to get in on some Rambling House Cocktail equity, starting at as little as $100.

After about six months of legal hurdles, the local beverage company that specializes in ginger beer, handcrafted soda drinks, and bottled cocktails, has finally launched their crowdfunding campaign through Wefunder.

“We are going to be one of the first central Ohio businesses to try out this new possibility for raising capital,” said owner John Lynch in an email.

Here is Lynch on becoming a shareholder:

“The preferred units that investors are purchasing will receive their share of any distribution of profits up to their original contribution before the founders will receive any distribution from profits. Once investors have their original contribution back any future distributions would be split between all members based on their shares. While nothing is certain in this emerging alcohol sector, we expect it to take several years, or longer, to get to a point where we might look at redeeming investors shares. Hopefully during that build up all members will have seen years of distributions. The possibility of redemption may hinge on whether or not someone looking to acquire us in the future will permit a cap table with, potentially, several hundred investors.”


Here are some reasons Rambling House thinks you should invest:

  • Sold over 19,000 bottles in our first year selling hard soda.
  • Stocked in more than 200 stores in Ohio, including almost every Kroger in the state.
  • Signed with Southern Glazer’s, the largest wine and spirits distributor in the U.S.
  • We were the first ever ready-to-drink cocktail in Ohio.
  • Went through more than 10,000 pounds of fresh ginger to create a ginger beer recipe that balances sweetness with a spicy kick.
  • Founder John Lynch was named one of the “60 Coolest People in Food and Drink” two years in a row by the Daily Meal.
  • Our Moscow Mule is naturally gluten-free, low-calorie, and priced to compete with mixed drinks and wines.

Curious about investing in Rambling House? Check out the campaign here.


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