Numbers Don’t Lie Part II: Ohioans Freaking Love Watching Football

This news probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to you, does it? Well, I’ll give you that it’s a pretty agreed upon fact that Ohioans love watching football, the numbers backing up this fact is nothing short of interesting.

During the Buckeyes’ showdown with USC in the Cotton Bowl, four Ohio cities—Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland—made up the largest section of the population watching the game, according to the ESPN Media Zone. That makes sense when you consider that Ohio State was playing in that game. There’s no way Ohioans were missing that beat down especially after missing the playoffs, the Buckeyes and fans had to make sure they secured the W to prove their point of we should’ve made the damn playoffs.

But what about a game where the Buckeyes didn’t have any reason to tune in other than sheer fandom of football? Well, during the Capitol One Orange Bowl, Columbus made up the second largest section of the population watching the game with Milwaukee holding down the No. 1 slot. Additionally, Columbus held down the top spot for viewership for all the New Years’ six bowls.

Football really is like a religion in this state, isn’t it?


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