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Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody

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Hannah Hahn is a photographer with an eye for vintage color. Her eclectic home was featured in an article on the popular home design website, Apartment Therapy. (614) caught up with her, only to find out that she had relocated her cache of cool to the capital city. Turns out, it’s the style that makes the space—not the other way around.

Hahn takes us on a tour of her tasteful time machine, and tells us where she finds inspiration.

What would you call your home style? I consider my decor style trendy/bohemian. I love the eclectic look of boho design, but as much as I do not want to admit, I am drawn to popular and current design elements. For example: natural wood furniture and macrame is so in right now, but it appeals to me and vibes with my style.

What are some of your favorite items in your home? My dad is a wood pattern maker and has built quite a bit of our furniture, my favorite being our coffee table. I love that everything he has built has come from my rough draft ideas and he brings them to life. I hope to pass a lot of it down to my daughter when she is older.

Can you tell us some of the places you have found your items, or places you like to shop? I would love to be the queen of thrifting and acquire all of the mid-century modern furniture and decor with history, but it does not fit into my schedule. I rely on stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and World Market to achieve the boho/world traveler vibe.

What does your decorating budget look like? Well, I am an independent photographer and my husband is a chef, so I definitely decorate on a budget—which I think a lot of us do. However, I prefer spending my extra money on home decor. It is my top priority to make the interior of our home bright, warm, and inviting. I spend most of my days editing at home, so it is very important to me to have a creative space where I can relax and also be inspired to create.

How do you keep your look from appearing chaotic, while using color and being eclectic? Easiest question so far. I am such a neat freak. I literally spend 1-3 hours a day cleaning so I am very aware of what I bring into the house because that just means there is more to clean.

What inspires your design style? My mom and I are very close. She grew up in the ’60s/’70s so I was raised on The Beatles, Janis Joplin, and so on. I really fell in love with Woodstock in particular and just the lifestyle that went along with it.  Not to mention, my mom could give Martha Stewart a run for her money, so she is always helping me with DIY projects and decorating.

If you could change anything about your interior with the wave of a wand, what would you change and why? We moved into a bit of a fixer-upper this past fall and I was a little too ambitious in assuming we would have everything updated by fall of 2018. I have come to realize that was not realistic. So if I could wave my wand, I would have all of my floors and cabinets finished in stencils and emerald green.

What do you try to avoid while decorating? That is the beauty of Bohemian decor. NOTHING! It’s all fair game and as long as I like it—I include it. •

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