Campus biz owner tries to save face after racism claims

A dress code taped to the door of a University District donut shop has been the subject of a hot debate recently.

On January 25, a photo of the Little Donut Shop’s door where a dress code was placed was posted on Facebook with the caption, “Rich Whitey Only! People still loving all that ‘development’ in Columbus OH? Also who is still wearing baggy clothing? Your racism is dated.”

The dress code prohibits anyone wearing “baggy clothes,” “excessive jewelry,” and “Jordan’s/Air Force 1” among other clothing items.

Right away, criticism began piling up in the comments, accusing the Little Donut Shop of racial discrimination. The owner of the shop, John Massimiani, spoke with ABC6 in an effort to set the record straight. 

Massimiani, who is also the owner of the nightclub directly above the donut shop The Big Bar & Grill, said the sign was misplaced. The dress code on the paper applies to Big Bar and Big Bar alone—he said he will never enforce a dress code at the Little Donut shop. 

Massimiani told ABC6 similar dress codes are common at many urban nightclubs due to safety concerns and therefore does not plan to change the policy at Big Bar. According to The Tab, another popular campus bar called Bullwinkles practices a similar dress code.


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