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CPD internally investigating arrest that “went too far”

CPD internally investigating arrest that “went too far”

614now Staff

After the video from a reported open container arrest spread around Facebook and Twitter, Columbus Division of Police released body cam footage and launched an internal investigation into the conduct of the arresting officer.

“Police rushed him, and pushed him down and got on top of him, that’s when I started recording, I knew it went too far” the witness said, per Fox28.

The ordeal played out in a glass entryway at West Long and North High Streets.

Body cam and witness footage reveals an officer pulling over and approaching a man who was allegedly violating open container laws.

The body cam video reveals the officer giving the suspect orders and threatening to throw him on the ground if he didn’t comply.


The suspect ends up on the ground and when he failed to cooperate with demands, the officer struck him in the face.

Video also shows the officer shocking the suspect with a stun gun when he failed to cooperated when asked to roll over onto his stomach.

Court records per Fox28 show 35-year old Maurice Taylor was arrested and charged with having an open container, failing to disclose personal information, and resisting arrest.

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