Let these shocking Ohio DUI stats be a lesson

There are two people in the state of Ohio who have been arrested 20 times for driving drunk.

That’s two, zero.

Maybe what’s worse is that roughly 1,800 other Ohioans also have a double-digit number of OVI arrests, reports The Dispatch.

More than 1.3 million people living in the Buckeye State have at least one arrest for drunken driving—one Columbus lawyer told The Dispatch 90 percent of his clients are first-time offenders.

But often times, those first-time offenders become second, third, and fourth-time offenders.

First-time OVI convictions carry the following sentence: Mandatory three-day jail sentence or three days in an intervention program, six-month license suspension, and a possible requirement of using bright yellow license plate.

If a person is convicted of three drunk driving offenses in 10 years or four in 20 years, they are charged with a felony.

Repeat offenders are at risk of having their license taken away for a lifetime but this rarely happens, reports The Dispatch.

And even when it does, suspending a license doesn’t always keep someone from driving.

Prison sentencing is typically reserved for only violent offenders; felony OVI or an OVI with a vehicular assault, reports The Dispatch.

New to Ohio law is the option for judges to require OVI convicts to install a breathalyzer device in their vehicle that measures their BAC before they can drive.


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