Local man’s merry marijuana misadventure to smoke with Trump stopped short

On a quest to smoke pot with President Donald Trump, a local knight in shining armor (cough cough more like tie die) was stopped short and arrested for stealing and drug possession.

Twenty-seven-year-old Tyler Marrone’s merry marijuana misadventure began when he found a credit card which he took as a sign from God, reports NBC4i.

Marrone bought a ticket to Florida and arrived at the Palm Beach International Airport on April 18 with the intent to meet the president and smoke “a joint with him at Mar-a-Lago,” reports NBC4i.

Marrone was arrested two days later on April 20 and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

But according to his Facebook, he was let off the hook.

“They let me out and dropped the charges as a courtesy for the amount of ridicule and everything else I had to endure while I was in Palm Beach,” he wrote.

He went on to describe a detective that picked him up from jail as “kind and loving” for bringing him a sandwich and per diem for his flight back.

“But I have a gripe with the jail still from the moment they had me booked and threw me in the cell naked. It was ridiculous, I was ridiculous sort of but I felt strongly. So she dropped the charges and I was able to return.”

Despite everything, he says his experience in Florida “wasn’t a total loss.”


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