Video: Former OSU Buckeye uses football strength on officer, charged

Inflicting pain on the turf is encouraged, inflicting pain on police officers is illegal.

Former Ohio State Buckeye Kirk Barton learned that lesson the hard way.

Kirk was hanging out at the Bogey Inn in Shawnee Hills during the Memorial Tournament weekend when he had a few too many to drink.

Bogey Inn management had special detail deputies escort him out after he began knocking people over due to his offensive linemen size.

NBC4i reports authorities were able to get him in the cab van without incident but trouble began when they started asking for information.


They asked for his address, he couldn’t provide it.

They asked for his ID, he gave them a credit card.

A deputy was able to help get Barton’s license out of his wallet and handed it to the taxi driver.

The driver handed it back to the deputy because he needed help reading the small print.

While the driver an deputy were hashing out the information, Barton slammed the taxi door on the officer’s arm.

Police asked Barton to exit the van and when he didn’t comply, they used a Taser. It took a second use of the Taser to actually get him out.

NBC4i reports Barton has been charged with felonious assault on an officer.

His $5,000 bond was posted Monday.


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