Ohio State’s campus becoming less recognizable by the minute

According to an article posted by The Lantern, Ohio State’s reign of construction is showing no signs of slowing down as it recently announced The Oval as the next spot on campus to go under construction for repairs and updates of the underground tunnels that run beneath the Oval.

With all the construction eating up seemingly every single damn spot on campus now, our OSU-based sister publication, 1870 Mag, thought this news served as the perfect moment to round up their favorite construction spots on campus!

Let’s count ’em down…

5.) 15th and High St.

Ah, who really needs to get down High St. in a timely manner? Seriously, who wouldn’t rather zig and zag through loud, distracting construction than have a direct path from point A to point B? Plus, who needs those historic bars that have been on High Street for years?

4.) Cannon Dr.

If you accidentally take the 315 exit to Cannon Drive instead of Lane Avenue, may the construction Gods view you in their favor. You aren’t getting anywhere anytime fast.

3.) The Tom W. Davis Clocktower

Though this construction site is no longer with us, we will hold the legacy of this expensive ass clocktower in our hearts forever.

2.) Adriaticos

Construction hasn’t happened here yet, but when we lose that delicious deep dish, square pizza joint, it will be a collective struggle we will all carry with us.

1.) Mirror Lake

Is it done? Will it ever be done? Has it even started? Who knows. So much for getting your graduation pics in front of the lake, amirite? Maybe we are being too harsh, the construction fences and tape are a nice addition to the spot.


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