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Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow now thing of past

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow now thing of past

614now Staff

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow will close after today’s classes.

“Thousands of students, including 2,287 graduation-eligible seniors, find themselves without a school tomorrow as the Ohio Department of Education forced the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow to close its doors on 12,000 students without warning,” reads a post on ECOT’s Facebook.

Between the $60 million the state feels the school owed it, losing their sponsor, and the low graduation rates (The Dispatch reports 39.6 percent), ECOT has been troubled for some time now.

“Why would the state’s highest education office want to make thousands of Ohio students school-less with only a few months left in the school year?” asked ECOT Superintendent Brittny Pierson. “March, April, and May. We only needed funds for those months and it would have allowed our closing to be a smooth transition for our students and teachers.”

ECOT feels the bind they were put in by ODE which led them to close the school was not in the best interest of the taxpayers “since the state can no longer collect claw back funds from ECOT,” the students who are now school-less and the staff who are now jobless.

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