“I’ve done my best,” Gov. Kasich gives final State of State address

Last night in his home town of Westerville, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave his final State of the State address after seven-plus years of service. Kasich’s speech was heavy on the philosophical side and nonexistent on the side of presidential aspirations for 2020.

Here are some standout quotes courtesy of The Dispatch:

“I think because we have been faithful to practicing these values, I believe the state of Ohio is stronger today than it has been in a generation,” Kasich said. “Ohio is back and Ohio is strong again.”

“We need to have a more permanent compass,” he said. “Everyone deserves respect regardless of race, creed, appearance, our station in life. We all deserve respect because we were all created, made in the image of our creator.”

“The worst thing in life is not losing an election; the worst thing in life is not serving others. … When we slow down and listen, we can do better, can’t we? My hope is in the better part of each of us … we don’t have to go win gold medals, we can do little things that matter.”

“All I’ve ever tried to do was to lift myself as far as I could go to meet the honor of that office, to lift myself to reach a little higher so I could be worthy of it. … I have just done everything I can do; I’ve done my best.”


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