New City Council Pres. pulling wool over our eyes already?

Remember all the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate when he was sworn in as president? Something similar is going down with the new City Council President’s college diploma.

Shannon Hardin claimed he graduated with his political science degree in 2009 but just before council went to vote, the members discovered that claim was a falsity. In fact, our new City Council Pres. didn’t get his college diploma until December 2016.

According to the Dispatch, Hardin left Morehouse College in early 2009 for a job in Columbus, saying he believed he had enough credits to graduate. He said he walked at the 2009 commencement but retracted that soon after, saying he misspoke. Hardin then presented a program for the 2010 spring commencement with his name on it.

The Dispatch goes on to report that Hardin didn’t actually receive his diploma then and didn’t realize it until four years later in 2014. So he traveled back to Morehouse in Atlanta, GA to see what he had to do to graduate which lead to him finishing his requirements at Franklin University in 2016.

Some council members believe he was trying to mislead people into thinking he graduated college earlier than he did, others think the whole point is moot.

Was Hardin pulling the wool over our eyes or was it a simple mistake?


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