Hilarious photo progression of 102.5 owner’s crowdsurfing mishap

Randy Malloy, owner of the Alternative Station CD102.5, is a rockstar through and through.

And you know what rockstars never do?

Turn down an invitation to crowd surf.

Such was the case last week when alt-rock pop duo Matt and Kim came through Columbus for a show at Express LIVE! on 4/20.

The duo suggested Malloy crowd surf during their set. He, of course, obliged.

It wasn’t necessarily what we’d consider a happily ever after but from the looks of social media, it was well worth it.

Here, take a look:

Phase 1: The promise:

“Kim made me promise I’d go #crowdsurfing so I hope you got tickets for some #randsanity”

Phase 2: Riding the wave

“Kim called me out yesterday to go #crowdsurfing which I of course did. The little people may have dropped me from about 3 feet. So possibly Dr. In a box in the am.”

Phase 3: The diagnosis

“So this may be the end of an era. My days of #stagediving and #crowdsurfing may have see there last on the befitting date of #420 At @mattandkim the smaller people in the front dropped me and the prognosis ‘Findings for a minimally displaced fracture of the lateral portion of the right 10th rib. No pneumothorax or hemothorax.'”

Phase 4: Reconciliation

“I have in fact met so many amazing artists over the years. But there are those artists where the relationship trancends from a working relationship into real friendship. This is definitely one of those occasions”


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