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Ohio puff, puff, passed on medical marijuana deadline

Ohio puff, puff, passed on medical marijuana deadline

614now Staff

While Ohio blew past the deadline September 8 and potentially overstepped its boundaries when awarding growing licenses, medical marijuana officials are aiming for higher ground and are confident greener days are in the state’s near future.

Tom Rosenberger, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio told 10TV that it’s normal for states’ cannabis programs to be delayed, sometimes for years.

Jacqueline Williams, Ohio Commerce Department director, added that not everything has gone perfectly smooth so far but is confident in the direction the program is moving.

Tess Pollock, a spokeswoman for the state Medical Board, reassures that when the state patient registry is ready to go live when the time is right.


However, 10TV reports the state auditor has some hangups with the state’s proceedings.

Republican Auditor David Yost says the Department of Commerce (one of the three entities sharing responsibility for the state’s marijuana program) exceeded its legal authority when it awarded two additional licenses to cultivators, bringing the count up to 26 growers.

The auditor also found weaknesses in how the agency protected passwords, system folders and summary scoring sheets, reports 10TV.

Once up and running, Ohio’s new medical marijuana program will allow people with certain medical conditions to buy and use medical marijuana on the recommendation of Ohio-licensed doctors.

How do you feel about Ohio’s medical marijuana program thus far? 


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