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614Sports: OSU alumni dominate The Basketball Tournament

jimmy lentz



Oh Captain, Crew Captain: Wil Trapp Led Columbus to Victory

Fast-forward to the 88th minute when a #11 Gyasi Zardes penalty tied the game at 2-2. At this point, most might have been satisfied with a hard-earned point.

But not Crew SC captain #6 Wil Trapp as the favorite son of Columbus gave Crew fans a moment they will not soon forget.

Columbus Crew SC pulled off a thrilling 3-2 win at home against Orlando City this past Saturday night with a picture-perfect 35-yard (you read that right!) 2018 World Cup-caliber upper-90 laser by captain #6 Wil Trapp—his first goal of the season—in the 92nd minute that may prove to be a galvanizing pivot point for a Columbus team that’s been struggling in recent weeks.

Columbus Crew SC (33 points) travels to New York New Jersey to play the New York Red Bulls (38 points) at Red Bull Arena this Saturday night at 7 p.m. ET.


Scarlet & Gray Won with a Capital W

The roster for Scarlet & Gray—in what appears to be for an elite men’s college basketball alumni league—reads like a “Who’s Who” of former Buckeye b-ball stars during the past decade:

Aaron Craft, Jared Sullinger, David Lighty, Greg Oden (for this upcoming weekend), Dallas Lauderdale, William Buford, B.J. Mullens and Jon Diebler.

The Scarlet & Gray is coached by Scoonie Penn, as well as Portland Trail Blazer Evan Turner.


In two games this past weekend in the Midwest Regional of The Basketball Tournament (TBT), which should be renamed the Throwback Basketball Tournament, the Scarlet & Gray began with a dominating 99-68 rout against the West Virginia Wildcats.

Yesterday’s game was more competitive for the Scarlet & Gray against the Matadors (Texas Tech alumni) as it took until the 7:53 mark in the 4th quarter to turn the tide for good.

The Scarlet & Gray won the exciting game 82-73 on an alley-oop from William Buford to David Lighty to raucous applause in a sold-out Capital University basketball arena filled with Buckeye fans.

The one-seed Scarlet & Gray will play in the Sweet Sixteen of the TBT in Atlanta this weekend. The prize is $2 million for the winning team.

Ohio Machine Gear Up for Thursday’s Game

Mark your calendars as the Ohio Machine will feature a craft beer festival called “Gears & Beers” this Thursday, July 26. It starts at 5:30 p.m. before the home game at Fortress Obetz at 7 p.m. against the Florida Launch.

  • Beer festival and LAX ticket packages start at $45.
  • 10 Columbus breweries will be represented.
  • 5 oz. souvenir sampling mug and lanyard included.
  • 12 taste tickets.

For more details, call 614-754-1973 or visit

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2 star Blue Jackets players say goodbye, fans react

Mitch Hooper



The fears all season finally came to fruition for the Columbus Blue Jackets as star winger Artemi Panarin and star goalie Sergei Bobrovsky both signed to new teams on July 1, the first day of free agency in the NHL.

Panarin will be suiting up for the New York Rangers now as the highest paid winger in the league, reports ESPN. Bobrovsky took his talents to the Florida Panthers on a seven year contract, reports Additionally, center Matt Duchene signed with the Nashville Predators.

After the best playoff run in franchise history, both Panarin, affectionately known as The Bread Man, and Bobrovsky, Bob for short, took to social media to thank Columbus one last time before heading to their new squads.


Bob was the first of the day to announce his move.

“I decided to move on. I write my own story and today that’s my decision. I want to thank fans from the bottom of my heart for all support and excitement during my 7 years in CBJ. I want to thank city of Columbus. This city has been treating me and my family very well, no matter what.”

View this post on Instagram

Dear CBJ fans I have decided to move on. It was very fun road. We have done lots of good things for my time in CBJ and wish this team and city nothing but the Best! Yes we didn’t reach our goal but we became a really good competitive team. I decided to move on. I write my own story and today that’s my decision. I want to thank fans from the bottom of my heart for all support and excitement during my 7 years in CBJ. I want to thank city of Columbus. This city has been treating me and my family very well, no matter what. I want to say thank to my teammates. I wouldn’t achieve anything without you guys. It’s been a pleasure to work and compete with you shoulder to shoulder. I want to say thank you to entire Blue Jackets organization, all coaches I worked with and everyone from the stuff. Columbus will stay in my heart forever. Дорогие фанаты CBJ. Я принял решение двигаться дальше. Это было интересное путешествие. Мы сделали много хороших вещей и я желаю Коламбусу дальнейшего развития и успехов. Да мы не добились главного, но мы стали сильной боеспособной командой. Я принял решение двигаться дальше. Каждый из нас пишет свою историю и сегодня это мое решение. От всего сердца я хочу поблагодарить вас за вашу поддержку и любовь за все время моего пребывания в CBJ. Я хочу поблагодарить город Коламбус за радушный приём. Я хочу поблагодарить своих партеров по команде. Без вас я ничего бы не добился. Для меня было большим удовольствием выходить на игры и бороться за победы плечом к плечу с вами. Хочу поблагодарить весь клуб Blue jackets, тренерский штаб и весь обслуживающий персонал. Коламбус навсегда останется жить в моем сердце.

A post shared by Sergei Bobrovsky (@sergeibobrovsky) on

Shortly after, Panarin announced his decision, too.

“I was very happy to play for Columbus. I hope you won’t be too mad at me😉 You live only once.”

And as always, fans had opinions. Some chose to focus on the good times we had. And, boy, were those times good.

Others weren’t as gentle. It’s all apart of the healing process, Columbus. We’ll get through this together. That being said, it seems like there’s different emotions for Panarin’s departure compared to Bob’s.

Example for Panarin:

Compared to Bob:

But in reality, this pretty much sums up all of yesterday for Jackets fans.

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OP: Columbus is better than Boston, change my mind

Mitch Hooper



I’m no hockey expert, but then again, I’m not ignorant to the sport. I’m aware of what boarding is, I know when an icing call should be made, and I can see a high stick from a mile away. C’mon, give me some credit, I’m a mid-20s-year-old boy who owns an X-Box—I’ve played NHL a time or two. I say all that to say this: Columbus is so much better than Boston.

Don’t misconstrue my vast hockey knowledge with my bold statement. I’m not saying Columbus is better than Boston in the sense of athletes on the ice (although my 2013 franchise mode on NHL says Columbus is the best damn hockey team six years running), I’m saying our city is better. Our fans are better. Our beer is better. Have you ever actually enjoyed a Sam Adams lager? Hell no.


I understand I can’t make these claims without backing them up, so I did some unbiased research and my results were incredible. If you aren’t sitting down, you might want to now.

And as if that database of information wasn’t persuasive enough, here’s an entire press conference of unbiased sports experts carefully explaining their case.

It’s compelling, I know.

The facts go even deeper. Have you ever seen a Bostonian on the moon? Or orbit the planet? Point one for John Glenn and Columbus. Neil Armstrong isn’t from Columbus, but he’s a tried and true Ohioan and that counts in our books. Half point to Columbus? We’ll take it. All the numbers are adding up and it’s clear as day: Columbus is better than Boston.

The Columbus Blue Jackets take on the Boston Bruins on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Boston. The game will be aired on NBCS.

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Twitter Reacts: CBJ sweep Lightning in historic win

Mike Thomas



Last night, the Columbus Bluejackets finished their perfect sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightning with an emphatic game four win in Nationwide arena. It was without question the single biggest win in franchise history, sending the Jackets to the second round of the playoffs for the first time ever. But of course, you already knew that.

For your consideration (and to soothe your post-celebration hangover/exhaustion) here’s a roundup of some of the spiciest memes and reactions to the Jackets big win!


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