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Tokes family transforms murder scene into angel park

Tokes family transforms murder scene into angel park

614now Staff

Lisa McCrary-Tokes and her husband Toby have been working with a team of Metro Parks representatives to make some updates to the park where their daughter, Reagan, was taken from them.

Lisa told 10TV she wants the Scioto Grove Metro Park to be a place for people to find peace and tranquility rather than a reminder of the fatal day back in February 2017.

She also sees it as a way for her and her family to move forward in a positive way while also reflecting on Reagan’s memory and spirit.

The new space offers a swinging bench, new foliage including a buckeye tree in the center and circular sidewalks.

It’s all laid out in a way that creates the shape on an angel, Lisa told 10TV. 


Metro Parks has footed the bill for the changes so far but the Tokes family intends to make contributions to the park’s upkeep in the future.

The family is also working to pass a bill called the Reagan Tokes Act that would dramatically change how violent felons are sentenced and monitored.

It also calls for reducing parole officers’ caseloads and creating a statewide GPS database that would be made available to law enforcement, reports 10TV.

Brian Golsby, a convicted sex offender, kidnapped, robbed, raped and murdered Reagan just three months after he was released from prison .

He was wearing an ankle monitor at the time but was not being closely monitored.

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