Two local stories to reinstate your trust in humanity

Need some good news today? Read about two selfless locals doing their part to make this world a better place.

The Reynoldsburg Rescue

Eva Evans was 8 years old and had no working kidneys, collapsing FSGS, and End-stage renal failure.

That was until her teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary School in Reynoldsburg came to her rescue.

Eva’s family had done everything they could to help her, even offer to donate their kidneys but unfortunately, they didn’t match.

Her mother, Alana, was ready to forfeit the fight to a higher power until she received a Facebook message from Tanya Thomas.

At the time, Alana didn’t realize who Thomas was.

But now, Eva is 10 years old and Thomas is more than just Eva’s former teacher but rather, a saving grace to the Eva’s entire family.

Thomas is an almost exact match for Eva’s blood and tissue type, reports 10TV.

Eva is currently on dialysis 10 hours each day and the transplant is scheduled for July.

Donate to her cause here. 


The Cop Cake

One Columbus Police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the line of duty to brighten the life of an elderly friend.

A 96-year-old woman named Thelma phoned the CPD to ask for help with her door on Sunday, May 6.

Officer Adam Hardwick responded to her request by not only fixing her door but also assisting her with odd jobs around the house like labeling keys so she wouldn’t get them mixed up.

In the midst of conversation, Hardwick learned Thelma had recently had a birthday but didn’t receive a cake.

That was his cue.

“Officer Hardwick has a big heart and did not like hearing that she didn’t celebrate her birthday,” wrote the Columbus Division of Police on Facebook.

A few days later, Hardwick paid another visit to Thelma’s house, this time under his own accord with cake in tow.

She was so grateful and told Hardwick that she had outlived her whole family, even her children.

Thelma added that chocolate cake was her favorite.


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