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Was it too cold for a craft draft today? Is the wine at home just not warming you up? Does a Moscow mule actually make you think of a Siberian winter? If the answers to any of these questions was yes, fear not dear reader as we at Stock & Barrel have a quick and [...]
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Was it too cold for a craft draft today? Is the wine at home just not warming you up? Does a Moscow mule actually make you think of a Siberian winter? If the answers to any of these questions was yes, fear not dear reader as we at Stock & Barrel have a quick and effective list for hot winter spirits to help lift your spirits. Here are your hot and boozy Columbus Cocktails.


Oddfellows definitely has a strong and passionate group of followers and if you are familiar with their craft cocktail selection, this is not news to you. The Spiked Cider sounds simple, but is as intricate as Oddfellows décor is eccentric. Served in a coffee mug, the HOT cider is accompanied by a healthy dose of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, Averna (a sweet and thick Italian liqueur), and cinnamon syrup. Sweet, spicy, and hot, this warm winter cocktail packs a punch and at $7 doesn’t break the bank.


Do you need a tropical vacation but have family and work requirements that keep you from hopping on a plane? If so, stop by the Grass Skirt Tiki Room for an island vibe and some classic island drinks. Specifically, get the Toasted Coconut Hot Buttered Rum. Furiously hot water accompanies house-infused coconut rum, allspice butter, Cruzan coconut, Cruzan 151 (that will warm you up), cinnamon and sugar. Oh yeah, it gets set on fire directly on your table.


The mixologists at Sidebar are so talented, they can even make Jägermeister seem classy. Enter the Night Hunt: Jägermeister served toddy style with sugar, bitters, piping hot water with a side of hand-whipped cream. This rich and delicious concoction is only $11 and certainly isn’t your father’s Hot Toddy. Also, when at Sidebar, don’t be afraid to go for a very traditional, yet very delicious and affordable Irish Coffee. This no-frills cocktail warms you up and is the perfect ratio of coffee and liquor.


This mulled (heated with spices and fruit) hot apple cider is delicious and versatile as it can be served with Old Crow Whiskey, Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka (my recommendation) and Cracken Rum. Each choice is delicious and ranges anywhere from $4.50 to $5.75.
What this means is that you can have that awesome and low-key date night, where each of you have two ciders and split the Ohio Nachos, for less than $35. In fact, I am going to text my wife about this now.

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No Home

Six Best Tacos: #6 Tasi Cafe




Set in the heart of Short North, Tasi Cafe is the cute, hidden restaurant that you’ll want to keep a secret all to yourself. With a menu that includes classic deli sandwiches, skillets, and tacos, Tasi Cafe has got your brunch/lunch/linner fantasies covered.

All you need is a nice cold drink in your hand from their ever-changing libations menu, and your meal is set.


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Let’s taco ’bout brunch 🌮

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Tasi Cafe

680 N Pearl St, Columbus

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Sponsored: Inner Circle, the last dating app you’ll ever have to use





The Inner Circle is a dating app we covered a while ago, and after such positive feedback from all of you, we thought we’d give it a try for ourselves. The results? It actually works! The Inner Circle is taking the opposite approach to regular dating apps by trying to get you off your phone and IRL as soon as possible. They’ll even offer tips like cool spots to hang out and exclusive singles events.

It is just a good quality app with fewer random people. The Inner Circle employs a screening process that makes sure users maintain a close network of people who are all in the same phase of life. We’re not talking solely about bankers or trust fund babies, we found plenty of cool creative people among a variety of professions like teachers, nurses, students, etc.

The other thing that we liked about it was that The Inner Circle pretty much has all the benefits of other popular dating apps, like swiping around (Tinder), but offers more straightforward connection where you can just write a person a message if you really like them, instead of waiting for a right match after 1000’s of swipes or likes.

Finally, we have to rave about the events. The Inner Circle hosts monthly events ranging from extravagant rooftop parties to after work cocktail hours at fun and quirky venues around the world. And unlike most singles parties, these events aren’t full of desperate lonely cat people. In fact, quite the opposite! We spoke to Nick who has now been to three of their past events: “Imagine a party where everyone is not only hot, but also actually has a passion and excitement for life.” That sounds like a party we want to go to!

So, we get that The Inner Circle is not for everyone (especially the whiny kind), but we guess ultimately that’s the point. If you’re looking to meet other singles who are full of life, then sign up to The Inner Circle and see if it is for you. It’s free to register: Sign up to The Inner Circle.

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Howlin’ cute: Columbus Zoo welcomes newborn wolf pups

Mike Thomas



The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has announced the May 6 births of four Mexican gray wolf pups—the first born at the Zoo in 14 years. According to a press release issued by the zoo, the pups’ births mark a significant achievement for the future of the Mexican wolf, which is the rarest subspecies of gray wolf in North America.

The pups sexes of the pups are currently unknown (care to get between a wolf mother and her newborns for a check? Us either). This was the first-ever litter for mother, Winter, and father, Storm.

Both of the wolf-parents are three years old, and arrived at the Columbus Zoo earlier this year. Winter came to the Columbus Zoo on Dec. 17, 2018 from the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York, and Storm arrived on Dec. 11, 2018 from the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri. The two were paired at Columbus Zoo through a collaborative effort between the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan® (SSP) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Wolf Recovery Plan, which works to help reintroduce wolves to the southwestern United States.


Mama and babies are being monitored by zoo staff via a closed-circuit camera. The team at the zoo reports that Winter, “has provided excellent care to the pups, whose eyes have recently opened, while Storm occasionally peeks in on them during breaks from patrolling the habitat.”

“We are extremely proud to participate in this collaborative program working to protect the future of the this important species that nearly went extinct in the 1970s. The birth of these pups is to be celebrated as this achievement offers additional hope for the Mexican gray wolf,” said Columbus Zoo President and CEO Tom Stalf.

The program has already made some strides in improving the endangered wolf populations, and the Mexican gray wolf population is finally experiencing a small rebirth since human intervention programs started in the late 1990s.

Although the pups are not currently visible to guests, they may begin venturing out of the den with their mother soon. For more information and updates, be sure to follow the Zoo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or visit the Zoo’s website.

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