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Aunt Flow on the go: Local menstruation warrior relocating

Aunt Flow on the go: Local menstruation warrior relocating

614now Staff

Claire Coder is the 21-year-old founder and CEO of Aunt Flow, a social enterprise headquartered in Columbus, committed to ensuring everyone has access to tampons and pads.

Claire has been featured in TeenVogue, Forbes, and was a contestant on the new TLC TV show, Girl Starter.

Aunt Flow offers 100 percent cotton tampons to businesses, so they can offer them for free to their employees.

They operate under a “buy one, give one” philosophy, where purchasing their products ensures that tampons are donated to menstruators in need.


Aunt Flow sells their menstrual products online at but the products can also be found in the restrooms of many businesses across the city and country (see map).

While women’s restrooms will remain stocked, the company is relocating to The Big Apple.

Coder and her team secured Aunt Flow a place in a three-month Techstars program in New York City from July 16 through October 11, though she did not disclose if or when the company will return.

Columbus Business First reports Techstars invests $100,000 in each company coming through the accelerator and provides a $20,000 stipend for living expenses.

“Our hearts and pulse will still be in Columbus,” wrote Coder on Facebook.

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