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Best Donuts

Best Donuts


Buckeye Donuts

20.7% of 13,218

Amidst the raucous din of bulldozers tearing up our childhood by the scoopful, one campus staple has yet to have fallen, signifying to the world that while OSU culture may be on life support, it is not totally dead. That’s right, this year’s obvious choice for best donut is the only donut shop that you can waltz into at 4 a.m. Yes, their donuts are goddamn amazing, but the stakes are higher than just a good donut. This is about the collective zeitgeist that lives in the hearts of every single human that has ever stepped onto OSU campus. Long live the legends, three generations and 50 years strong.

1998 N High St. |

2 Duck Donuts 12.6%

3 Resch’s Bakery 9.5%


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