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ColumBest 2018

ColumBest 2018


This is the time of year that we at (614) anxiously await the announcement of our yearly “best of” Columbus reader poll. The floodgates open in anticipation of a torrent of responses to various iterations of a single question: “What is your favorite _______?” From bars and breweries to bands and boutiques, the ColumBest poll is our chance to hear the people speak.

And speak, you did! With 1,119,517 votes, this was our most powerful avalanche of replies yet. In nearly a decade of the best-of-the-best of people, places, products, and services; this is the most voluminous reverberation of rejoinders thus far. Well over 14,000 people told us who their favorite bakery is for 2018. (Congrats, Koko Tea Salon and Bakery!) And over 4,000 of you threw your hat in the ring to vote for the category of “pick-up bar” to let us know that cruising for company is still a thing the Internet doesn’t have absolute control over. (We’re lookin’ at you, Standard Hall.)

So, before we sink into the singularity, and while the people still hold the power, let’s exercise our right to choose the leaders in their fields. The following categories hold triumphant winners, and the excellent runners up in all things Columbus. Keep this copy as a guide to the best places to nosh, slosh and mingle—at least until next year.



Booze and Bars

People and Places

Shopping and Services


After you’re done reading, party with some of the best of the best on May 21st at Express LIVE! Get all the details, here.


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