Scaffolding jungle around Rhodes Tower throwing wrench in nearby business

It may be hard to believe, seeing as the construction around Rhodes Tower is so distracting, intrusive, and overpowering, but there are actually bars, restaurants, and other establishments in its proximity open for business.

Businesses like Si Señor Sandwich’s & more, Jack’s Diner, and Olivers have already had to endure two years of construction while Lynn and Pearl alleys were being worked on but with the Rhodes Tower repair, they’re looking at three more long years.

The owner of Jack’s Diner, Chris Kowalski, told The Dispatch he estimates to have lost 30 percent of business since work began on Rhodes Tower.

What’s to blame? The scaffolding jungle surrounding the entrances of the businesses.

The metal piping that encases the nearby bars and restaurants act as barriers for potential customers roaming the area. The Dispatch reports one general manager saying he’s seen people peek down the alleys cluttered by scaffoldings but turn and continue walking; seemingly deciding the trek into the industrial labyrinth isn’t worth it.

The business owners are pissed and feel they are owed some compensation from the state. That’d be great but the odds of that happening are slim to none.

Instead, the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District is pitching in by creating signs for the businesses to be hung at the entrances of Lynn Alley and Broad and Gay streets, instructing passersby of the tucked away business.

Will the signage be enough to keep these hindered businesses afloat during the next three years? 



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