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The Six Ice Cream: Coppa Gelato

The Six Ice Cream: Coppa Gelato


 #4  Coppa Gelato

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Let’s talk gelato.

The Italian ice cream shop is charming, and the gelato is heavenly.

They offer 16 homemade flavors daily, some including seasonal, staple and sorbetto flavors.

Now, on to the best part: If you feel like getting your gelato in something else besides just a cone or bowl, they offer several options such as a gelato flight, gelato bomb, gelato shake, affogato and coco float.

The gelato flight, is $9 and is served with 4 full scoops of your choice, on a cute little wooden tray.

As for the gelato bomb? Well, it’s a heaping scoop of gelato in between a doughnut.

The gelato shake is pretty self explanatory, whereas the affogato is 2 scoops of gelato, with 2 shots of espresso poured on top.

As for the coco float, it’s pretty much the same thing as the affogato, but instead of espresso its hot cocoa.

Try not to drool while reading this.

Coppa Gelato

925 North State Street, Westerville

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