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The Six Ice Cream: Whit’s Frozen Custard

The Six Ice Cream: Whit’s Frozen Custard


 #6  Whit’s Frozen Custard

With frozen custard being different than my usual ice cream, I was hesitant in trying this place out at first.

But wow, was I in for a pleasant surprise!

They make their frozen custard fresh every day and offer three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and their flavor of the week likeĀ Caramel Apple Pie, Buckeye, Key Lime Pie and Red Velvet Cake.

And on top of that, most of their flavors of the week are made into a vegan batch as well!

Iā€™ve tried both options, and to me, the regular and vegan flavors taste very similar to each other, making it easy for all to enjoy.

They also offer the Famous Whitser, which is a concoction of your desired fruit, nuts and candies mixed in to your desired frozen custard flavorā€”the best of both worlds!

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