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The Big Day: Alexa + Alex

The Big Day: Alexa + Alex


Dress: Alfred Angelo

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Party Gifts: Macy’s

Catering: Cameron Mitchell Catering

Cake: Cakes Creatively by Crystal

Rings: David Johnson

Flowers: Elbowgrease Design and Ashley’s Floral

Wedding Planner: Alex Carsonie

Hair and Makeup: Nicol White, Diane’s Hair Studio

The wedding of Alexa and Alex was one for the books.

For the librarian and the scientist who met while studying abroad, it’s fitting that their Big Day would feel like their guests had been whisked away to a different place.

Part of that is aided by Darby House, the cozy indoor-outdoor space just off the banks of the Big Darby Creek, but truly brought home by the couple’s cute touches.

Ya know, like hand-made Harry Potter pages designed for the decor, and big band sounds, courtesy of In Full Swing.

Take a few pages from their Book of Love.

What do you wish you had spent more money on? More cake! This is selfish because we had more than enough and there were leftovers—but I would’ve eaten leftover cake for weeks to come if I’d had it. It was some of the best cake I’d ever had!

What do you wish you had spent less money on? Honestly, nothing. Everything went so smoothly and I can’t think of anything I would’ve cut back on. Maybe postcard stamps? We used them for save the dates and I have too many left!

Was there anything that you wanted to avoid when you envisioned your wedding? Overly traditional. My husband and I are unconventional so we wrote the entire ceremony ourselves with the help of family, and we wanted to make sure everything felt like it was truly our wedding.

Tell us the story of how you got engaged/the proposal. My husband works with robots and while he was in undergraduate he took me into his lab and simulated a disaster area where the robot had to find me. He put me in a box with a lead jacket on top of me and turned out all the lights and then the robot had to find me. I completely fell for it, and then he pulled the ring out of the first aid kit on the robot and proposed!

If you could tell us one thing that made your Big Day unique, what was it? The decor. We were lucky enough to have Elbowgrease Design hand make our decor out of Harry Potter book pages. It was stunning and really helped make the day more personal and beautiful.

Besides making it official, what was the ultimate highlight of your Big Day? My husband and I met studying abroad and we were only together a couple days before flying back to our own schools. I wrote a letter to him on the plane home that I kept a secret from everyone until the wedding day. I gave it to him while we were out on the bridge in the gorgeous Darby House setting and just the emotion of having written something years ago, when the long distance felt impossible and we had no idea what was going to happen, and to watch him read it on our wedding day is something I’ll never forget!


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