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Treatments to Try: Blowout from The Blowout Bar

Treatments to Try: Blowout from The Blowout Bar

Regina Fox

Where are all my flat-haired people at? ✋ I’ve teased and texturized my whole life, but my hair always ends up going limp and lifeless a few hours after styling.

It seemed I had tried everything under the sun to achieve volume, so it was time to seek professional help from at The Blowout Bar.

I turned my mane over to Nick, the salon manager at the Short North location, who asked me a few basic questions about my locks and handed me the look flipbook.

Blowout Bar offers five signature blowouts: The Cosmo (lots of body and volume), The Flirtini (loose curls), The Manhattan (textured, undone look), The Bahama Mama (messy beachy waves), and The Neat, Please (sleek, smooth, and straight).

Ordinarily, I would’ve gone for a mix of The Manhattan and The Bahama Mama to match my otherwise low-maintenance look. But, I was striving for a more classic holiday hairdo, so I chose a blend of The Cosmo and The Flirtini.


Each $40 blowout comes with shampoo, so I skipped washing that week for a more dramatic reveal. Nick applied, lathered, and rinsed my neglected hair with The Blowout Bar’s favorite line of shampoo and products from Australian hairdresser Kevin Murphy (sulfate free, vegan, and the bottles are made from plastic waste recovered from our oceans! They also smell fantastic.). Just having someone else wash your hair may be worth $40 alone!

Nick then applied the Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity weightless hair spray and oil free volumiser to my wet hair to give it some body. He then proceeded to section out my hair and blow it dry with a round brush.

Meanwhile, a “marcel iron” (fancy clamp curler) was heating up, ready to give me big, bouncy curls. Nick had a special trick for helping my hair hold the curl, too: after he released it from the iron, he pooled the curl in his palm and held it close to my scalp as it cooled.

About five Whitney Houston songs later, my blowout was complete.

Have you ever contemplated hiring someone just to play with your hair? The Blowout Bar can do that for you, plus give your mane a good scrubbing, and have you walking out the door with a runway-ready look for just $40. C’mon, Columbus, show your locks some love!

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The Blowout Bar is offering one reader a FREE service! Just comment below to win. Contest ends Thursday, January 2.

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