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3 tips to survive the White Claw shortage

Mike Thomas



Hard seltzer beverages are having a moment as of late, having been all-but-inescapable throughout the hot summer months of 2019. Odds are you’re already well aware of this fact, as Ohio has been named the epicenter of the alcoholic water trend according to research from

It’s our state’s particular affinity for these drinks that may make this latest news that much harder to swallow: CBS is reporting a nationwide shortage of White Claw, one of the most popular brands of fruit-flavored fizzy-booze water on the market.

With a crisis of this magnitude looming heavy over the last fleeting weeks of summer, what’s a hard seltzer fan to do? One thing’s for sure: it’s too late to switch back to Keystone. Enjoy these tips to survive the “Great White Claw Shortage of 2019” without sacrificing the low-carb, gluten-free lifestyle you’ve come to appreciate.

Tip One: Hoard

The word “shortage” sounds dire, but all is not lost. There may still be time to snag some of the final cans of Claw on store shelves, but you’ll have to act fast. You can check your local quick-e-mart, but since time is a factor, you’d probably do best to hit up retailers known for keeping a large stock of booze on hand.

A winner in our annual Columbest voting for “Best Craft Beer Selection,” Weiland’s Market just might have a case or two of the “White Tsunami” (as no one calls it) lying around, too. Act fast, or be prepared to suffer through weeks of sober dehydration!


Tip Two: Ration

You’ve managed to get your hands on some of the last few precious cans of White Claw in existence. Now, you’ll just have to make them last. Resist the urge to indulge in White Claw Wednesday. White Claw Weekend splashdowns? Completely out of the question. Small sips, folks.

Not sure what I mean by “rationing?” Let this scene from golden-era Simpsons serve as your guide (Note: the editors of do not condone the drinking of sea water in place of White Claw, plentiful though it may be.)

Tip Three: Think Local

We all know any true fan of the Claw would rather DIE than drink some other brand. But if this shortage persists, the choice will come down to drinking something else or going without.

If White Claw is simply out of the question, there’s no need to guzzle other inferior national brands—plenty of Ohio companies are holding it down with their own forays into the hard seltzer game! Whether its Platform Beer Co.’s lineup of imaginative flavors, or the all-natural Kitty Paw from Columbus’ own Seventh Son Brewing, the local drink scene is here to help you ride this nightmare out in style.

Stay positive, seltzer heads—we’ll all be surfing the White Claw wave again before you know it.

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3 cocktails to try at home with High Bank Distillery’s new Professor Rum

Mitch Hooper



Making cocktails at home is hard—that’s a statement we won’t get much debate from with the drinkers at home. Maybe it’s the magic the bartenders in this city wield that make our drinks so damn delicious, or maybe it’s just our lack thereof. But sometimes all you need is a few tricks of the trade to become a master of your own home bar, and that’s where High Bank Distillery comes in.

Fresh from the still comes High Bank’s newest bottle release: Professor Rum. Stock & Barrel stopped by the facility, kitchen, and bar to see how we could concoct our very own cocktails at home with the rum. Here are three options for you to try. Or of course, just simply stroll down to HBD and have one of their cocktail wizards whip you up a delicious elixir.

Rum Julius

1.5 oz. Vanilla Infused Professor Rum .75 oz. Demerara Simple Syrup
1 oz. Half and Half
2 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

Instructions: Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake well. Garnish with orange zest and mint sprig.

Photos: Brian Kaiser

Peat's Me

1.5 oz. Professor Rum
.5 oz. Laphroaig
.25 oz. Simple Syrup
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters 2 Dashes Cardamom Bitters

Instructions: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir. Pour over a big ice cube and garnish with lemon peel.

5 Stormy Nights

2 oz. Chinese spiced rum
.25 oz. lime juice
.25 oz simple syrup
Goslings Ginger Beer to Float

Instructions: Combine rum, lime, and simple syrup in a shaker and shake. Pour over ice in a copper mug and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel.

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Food & Drink

Where’s the beef? At 614 Burger + Beer Week, coming soon!

Regina Fox



On the 18th of September, some great folks—the powers at be only know who—determined this would be the day humankind celebrates the juicy, succulent, greasy creation we've come to know and love as the cheeseburger.

And on October 7 through 12, your good friends here at (614) decided those would be the days we'd celebrate burgers and beer here in Columbus!

Burger + Beer Week, presented by (614) Magazine and Ohio Beef Council, is your chance to enjoy $6 burgers and local beer specials at 75+ of Columbus’ top restaurants:

Some restaurants will discount their menu mainstay burger for the event while others will whip up entirely new creations you can only get during Burger + Beer Week.

And thanks to our friends at Columbus Brewing Company, Seventh Son Brewing, Platform Beer Co - Columbus, and Land-Grant Brewing Company, you'll be able to greasily grab for a specially-priced pint to wash down your meal.

But, perhaps the best part of Burger + Beer Week is the opportunity to give back. Now through October 12, you can enter to receive dinner for four people at six Burger & Beer Week restaurants plus a craft beer gift package, with each unique entry equally a $0.25 donation to the Columbus Diaper Coalition!

Be sure to RSVP to the event and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for loads of burger giveaways, like this one we have going on right now with Ted's Montana Grill!

Burger & Beer Week is made possible thanks to: Ohio Beef Council, Gordon Food Service, Trinity Homes, Lamar Advertising of Columbus, OH, Financial Providence Group, The Brew 105.7, WNCI 97.9, The Wasserstrom Company, BMI Federal Credit Union, Stock and Barrel, Yelp Columbus, and 614now.

**No tickets are needed for this event but you can view participating restaurants & menus as they're added at soon!

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10 deals and steals for National Cheeseburger Day

Regina Fox



Google defines a cheeseburger as "a hamburger with a slice of cheese on it," but we all know it's so much more.

It's an extension of your dominant hand during the summer months. It's something you can look forward to grilling up after a long workweek. It's your favorite food.

Today, we celebrate all this and more with National Cheeseburger Day.

Below are deals and steals to take advantage of on this glorious holiday. Happy eating, Columbus!

Applebee's | Multiple locations

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger and endless fries for $6.99

Red Robin | Multiple locations

A Gourmet Cheeseburger and Bottomless Steak Fries are just $5 with the purchase of any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.

Ted's Montana Grill | Multiple locations

Burger + fresh-cut fries deal for just $6. Click here for a chance to win a $25 gift card!

Dairy Queen | Multiple locations

Dairy Queens offering two for $4 Super Snack deal, which includes mix-and-match snacks including choice of a cheeseburger, a small sundae, fries, pretzel sticks, or chicken tenders.

Burger Theory | 175 E Town St

You can get a free burger at all Burger Theory restaurants located in Holiday Inn hotels, while supplies last.

Wendy's | Multiple locations

You can get a free Dave's Single with any Wendy's purchase with an offer on the mobile app. The deal lasts until September 30.

McDonald's | Multiple locations

Download the chain's app to get a sandwich for $1, including Big Macs! The offer is available until September 30.

Houlihan's | 3150 Tremont Rd, Upper Arlington

Get the Houlihan’s Burger with cheese and fries for only $5.

Bareburger| Multiple locations

From 3pm- 6pm, you can get a BOGO deal on Bareburger's American or vegan Golden State burger.

Burger King | Multiple Locations

Get a cheeseburger for 59 cents with a mobile order on the chain’s app. Limit one coupon per person.

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