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7 perfect patio pairings

Mitch Hooper



Patio season is upon us, and we have no time to waste! With only a handful of months that allow us to actually enjoy the climate we live in, you gotta get in while the gettin’ (and temperatures) are hot.

So where to begin? Of course the city offers places like Seventh Son where the downstairs patio is only out-done by the rooftop patio with a retractable roof, but that’s not the full scope of the patio picture. Next time the sun is shining and you’re itching to soak up the rays with a cold pint in your hand, this list will help guide you to your oasis.

Where: Platform Brewing | 408 N 6th St.

What to drink: Mello Hello IPA by Platform Brewing Company

Platform has two options when it comes to patios. The side patio attached to the bar is spacious and simple, while the “rooftop” patio is much more smaller. That being said, the small space on the rooftop is worth squeezing into as you’ll have the city skyline serving as your backdrop.

Where: The Olde Towne Tavern| 889 Oak St.

What to drink: Bumbleberry Ale by Fat Heads (when available)

Bumbleberry isn’t always on the menu at The Tavern, but when it is, you can either get one, or you can continue living your life the wrong way. Your call, but just know I’m judging if you elect to go with the latter. Beyond the delicious blueberry and honey flavored beer, The Old Town Tavern’s patio provides plenty of seating, it’s pup-friendly, and the fire pit is great for when these summer nights cool off.


Where: Hoof Hearted Brewing | 850 N High St.

What to drink: Konkey Dong DIPA by Hoof Hearted Brewing

Not only is the name fun to say (Hoof Hearted = who farted?), the patio out back is stellar. With a pool attached, obviously this is a great spot to hang out at during the day and afternoon, but in the evening the spacious patio with wooden benches is great for accommodating larger groups. I recommend downloading phone drinking games like Piccolo, but again, your call, bro.

Where: Antiques On High | 714 S High St.

What to drink: Impure Guava Sour Ale by Antiques On High

It will be a sour excursion heading over to Antiques On High so keep that in consideration when forming your group of drinkin’ buddies. AOH (not to be confused with New York Congresswoman, AOC) offers mostly just sour beers with a few Seventh Son beers hanging around on the menu. The patio here is similar to the one at Seventh Son, too: everything you want in a drinking patio.

Where: Parsons North Brewing Company | 685 Parsons Ave.

What to drink: Grapefruit Wheat by Parsons North Brewing Comapny

The newcomer on the block for Parsons is coming out of the gates strong with the booze and patio game. Their spacious patio out back offers a covered roof for less-than-ideal weather (this is Ohio, after all), plus the surrounding area offers the chance to soak up the sun when there’s more-than-ideal weather (again, this is Ohio, after all). Toss in the incredible vegetarian- and vegan-driven restaurant, Comune, right next door plus a revolving door of food trucks, Parsons could very well be your one stop patio shop.

Where: Endeavor Brewing Company | 909 W Fifth Ave.

What to drink: Latin Lager by Endeavor Brewing Company

Endeavor’s large patio always offers plenty of space for you and your rag-tag team of drinkers, and the beers on the menu make a tough argument for starting and ending your night here. In addition to food trucks stopping by, the patio is dog-friendly and the brewery is well-stocked will board games to keep the night fresh.

Where: Oddfellows Liquor Bar | 1038 N High St.

What to drink: A good old tall boy Pabst Blue Ribbon

Hey man, any place that serves Late Night Slice on the patio is instantly a hit in my drinking books. And any place that serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food on Mondays and Tuesdays courtesy of Woodhouse Vegan rises to the top even quicker. If you are “too cool” for a Pabst (let me assure you, you’re not), a boozy slushee is always a safe alternative.

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614NOW Fried Chicken Trail: Forty’s Chicken and Waffles

Mike Thomas



First came the 614NOW Donut Trail. Then, there was the Mac & Cheese Trail. Now, 614NOW is on the hunt for the best fried chicken this city has to offer. Welcome to the 614NOW Fried Chicken Trail!

Forty’s Chicken and Waffles

2593 N High St

They say life is one big question when you’re staring at the clock, and the answer’s always waiting at the [chicken] store. Sorry, the name of this particular fried chicken establishment is giving me major Sublime vibes.

Forty’s Chicken and Waffles is a rad food counter situated in the back of Old North Arcade on High Street. While chicken grease and arcade game joysticks are a match made in hell, the combination of sweet, pillowy waffles and succulent fried chicken is one for the ages.

Forty’s “tendies” basket before I drowned the whole affair in the pictured syrup

The chicken at Forty’s comes in strips referred to as “tendies,” but this is not the stuff of chain restaurant kids meal baskets. Forty’s generous strips of tender, all-white meat chicken are obviously cut from whole breast pieces, which takes the chore of deboning out of the equation. This means you can spend more time blasting through Dig Dug or Tron, and less time dealing with pesky chicken carcass!


If I were to compare the Chicken at Forty’s to anything, it perhaps most resembles the strips from a certain chain that rhymes with “Blazing Mains.” The pieces found here, however, are so much larger and more juicy than anything you’ll find at that familiar sauce+garlic toast joint.

Nerd out AND eat fried chicken? I’m sold.

If you’re not yet a believer in the sweet-meets-savory mashup of syrup-soaked waffles and fried chicken, you’d best get down to Forty’s stat. Syrup, and plentiful sauces (chipotle ranch, of I’m not mistaken?) help this chicken shine in spite of it being a little light in the seasoning department for my taste.

Aroma:πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (5/5 drumsticks)
Flavor: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (5/5)
Seasoning: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (4/5)
Crispiness: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (4/5)
Overall Experience: πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ— (5/5)

Forty’s Chicken and Waffles total: 23/25

Large doses of sugar-coated protein are just the thing to fuel your late night Q*bert rampage at the adjoining arcade. Just remember to wash the grease off your hands before diving back in!

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Restaurant Week Preview: Smith and Wollensky’s classic steakhouse experience

Mike Thomas



Restaurant WeekΒ here! Enjoy 3-course meals at 120+ of Columbus’ best restaurants for a fraction of the cost during Restaurant Week Columbus, July 15-20, presented by (614) Magazine & Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

With deals from some of the area’s top eateries coming in at a mere $40, Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a taste of the good life.

Check out this preview of America’s classic steakhouse, Smith and Wollensky, to see just how far $40 will take you!

First Course

For fans of blue cheese, Smith and Wollensky’s mini iceburg wedge salad is a must (bacon lardons, anyone?) For everyone else, grilled bacon in a burnt orange bourbon gastrique should do nicely.


Second Course

The second course is where you’ll have a difficult decision to make. Between Smith and Wollensky’s signature filet mignon, tenderloin tips with African spices, and some first-rate chicken and fish preparations, there should be something to suit any taste. But let’s get realβ€”this is a steakhouse. Go for the gusto with the dry-aged, prime boneless New York strip, served au poivre.

Third Course

If you have any room left, you’ll have your choice of a slice of Chocolate cake with Baileys Irish cream, chocolate mousse, and ganache, or coconut cake with whipped cream, Malibu rum syrup, crisp tuile, and shaved coconut. These are supposedly smaller-scale versions of these dessert offerings, but after all the great food that proceeds them, I’m seeing a doggy bag in your future.

Chocolate cake

Smith & Wollensky is located in Easton, at 4145 The Strand W. in Columbus. The Restaurant Week menu will be offered Monday-Saturday from 11:30a-10p, and Friday-Saturday from 11:30a-11p.

Click here to make a reservation

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Happy Restaurant Week! Score deals, win big, do good




It’s finally here! Happy Restaurant Week July 15-20! What’s Restaurant Week you ask? You must be new. Thats OK! We’ll get you up to speed and in the know.

This week, you can enjoy 3-course meals at 120+ of Columbus’ best restaurants for a fraction of the cost. Dig into deep discounts from local favorites such as City Barbeque with special menus starting at just $15! Restaurant Week is also your to scope out some of the swankiest spots in town on the cheap like Smith & Wollensky and Mezzo !


Or, you could get meals for FREE if you’re the lucky winner of our grand prize! In our Restaurant Week giveaway, one lucky winner will receive a $500 Marathon Gift Card AND dinner for 4 at 5 Restaurant Week restaurants! Plus, 25 additional winners will receive dinner for 2 at a participating Restaurant Week restaurant!

Your giveaway entries could help you score big, but they also do good in the community. During Restaurant Week Columbus presented by (614) Magazine & Marathon Petroleum Corporation, $0.25 donation will be made to Pelotonia for each unique giveaway entry, up to $5,000.

To view menus, make reservations, and enter the grand prize giveaway, visit And be sure to keep an eye on 614’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for additional giveaways all week!

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