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3 spooky ways to celebrate Friday the 13th + full moon

3 spooky ways to celebrate Friday the 13th + full moon

Mike Thomas

Watch out, campers: Friday the 13th is back again. Avoid those cracks, lest your mother suffer a severe back injury, and try to not break any mirrors— today, all bad luck is multiplied by 13*! Pair that with tonight’s full moon and it’s anyone ghoul…er, game.

While you could stay home and play it safe, there are a number of events going on around town to help you observe this most superstitious of days.

The Classic

The Gateway Film center is hosting a 7pm screening of the classic 80s slasher that started it all. Get out and support locally-owned independent cinema, or be forever cursed!


Get Inked

There is nothing spookier than something you can never take back. While many tattoo shops are known to sling discount ink for Friday the 13th, Evolved Body Art in SoHud is putting a charitable spin on the proceedings:

Who’s the Boss?

Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint in the Old North is hosting a Friday the 13th celebration to help turn your luck around.

How will you spend Friday the 13th? Clutching your rabbit’s foot with a circle of salt spread around you on the floor? Poppycock. Get out there and live it up! …While you still can…

*According to no one.


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