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Free coffee is just a poem away

Free coffee is just a poem away

Mike Thomas

Hot cup of java
Poems are today’s tender
No money needed

Haiku are not exactly my forte, but I had to give it a shot today – and you should too.

In honor of World Poetry Day, participating coffee providers around the world are offering up free cups of morning brew in exchange for a poem. Several of Columbus’ finest purveyors of bean juice happen to be taking part in the initiative.


The poems do not have to be original work, but must be presented in written form to be exchanged. No need to read the poem aloud to your barista (nobody wants to stand around while you delve into a full-length sonnet).

Here is the list of participating area coffee shops:

  • Bake Me Happy (Merion Village)
  • Cup O’ Joe (Clintonville)
  • The Hills Market Downtown
  • Kafe Kerouac (High Street near campus)
  • Schokko Cafe at the Columbus Museum of Art
  • Stauf’s Coffee Roasters (all 4 locations)
  • Upper Cup Coffee Company (both Parsons and Gahanna)

Bottoms up, verse-minded coffee fiends! Remember to pace yourself or risk a serious case of the jitters.


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