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Official (614) Arnold Scavenger Hunt for competitive people-watchers

Official (614) Arnold Scavenger Hunt for competitive people-watchers

Mitch Hooper

Going to the Arnold Sports Festival is just as much watching the competitors on- and off-stage as it is viewing the spectators in the crowd. While you’re at the Arnold browsing vendors and buff people, try to see if you can fill out this scavenger hunt before the fitness fun ends!

Need More Reps: You’ve been at the Arnold for a day, maybe two.

  1. Hear someone describe a competitor in slang such as swol, jacked, shredded, etc.
  2. Amass 30 free fitness stickers.
  3. Have more than two drawstring bags inside your drawstring bag.
  4. Collect five different brands of protein powder samples.
  5. Find the same flavor of pre-workout powder from two different vendors.

Get The Juices Flowing: You’re becoming more familiar with the sights and sounds, and you have tons of free stuff.

  1. Sign up for an email blast just so you can get some free swag.
  2. Obtain three free protein shaker bottles.
  3. Actually buy a product from a vendor.
  4. Eat a meal replacement bar.
  5. See someone with a selfie stick.


Feeling The Burn: You’ve had enough of the vendors and have exclusively moved to people watching.

  1. Spot a fitness couple wearing matching colored apparel.
  2. Find three different people using a milk jug as a water bottle.
  3. Attend one sports exhibition you’ve previously never heard of.
  4. See Arnold Schwarzenegger himself!
  5. Hear someone make an “I’ll be back,” reference whenever Arnold is nearby.

Kicking Up The Intensity: You’re starting to feel like Arnold himself. You might go do a few reps in the bathroom just for the hell of it.

  1. Find an Arnold Schwarzenegger doppelgänger.
  2. Get a selfie with a competitor.
  3. Notice a bodybuilder in a speedo getting spray tanned.
  4. See a bodybuilder doing the classic Arnold pose next to the Arnold statue.
  5. See a competitor out on the streets/in a restaurant/at a bar.

Finish Strong: You are now an encyclopedia of useless knowledge and patterns found at the Arnold. Good for you!

  1. Wear some of your new merch/free swag at the Arnold.
  2. Mistakenly think a spectator is a participant.
  3. Find “the bathroom is over there *flexes while pointing*” person.
  4. Find someone with arms bigger than your legs.
  5. Find five bodybuilders wearing a “Gold’s Gym” stringer tank top.

The 2019 Arnold Sports Festival will be held February 28-March 3, 2019.Tickets On Sale Now:


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