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Photos: 614 interns take new electric scooters for a Spin

Photos: 614 interns take new electric scooters for a Spin

Mike Thomas

Ford-owned Spin scooters joined the increasingly crowded dockless scooter market in Columbus this week. We sent two of our photography interns, Adam and Leah, to check them out with a hands-on demo on city streets.

While both were total scooter newbies, they lived to tell the tale, sharing their impressions after returning safely to the office.

Photo by Leah Conway

Intern Leah was most struck by the scooters’ giddyup.

“They can really get up there in speed, that’s for sure,” she remarked.

Leah put the pedal (button) to the metal (photo by Adam Fakult)

For his part, intern Adam was impressed by the Spin scooters’ price-point and ease of use.

“Cheaper than an Uber,” he said. “I can appreciate that. The app is easy to understand.”

Leah and Adam had no issues navigating the Spin App (photo by Adam Fakult)

As newcomers to the dockless scooter experience, there was certainly a learning curve to overcome.


“Initially I was scared, because I’ve never tried anything like that before,” said Adam, “But, there’s a cool safety feature where it won’t get going until you kick off, so that was cool.”

Adam zooming right along (photo by Leah Conway)

He also noted one possible fringe benefit particular to this mode of transport.

“I’m pretty sure like, 10 girls looked at me while I was riding. So. Yeah.”

See anything you like, ladies? Adam’s scooter skills turn heads (photo by Leah Conway)

At 614NOW, we’re super proud of this latest batch of interns for surviving their maiden scooter voyage unharmed, unlike others who were sent to cover the launch of Bird and Lime (RIP to the elbow skin of 1870 Magazine interns Ben and Jacob).

Will you be giving Spin a spin, or are you adamantly scooter-averse? Let us know in the comments.


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