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Review: How I stepped up my sock game with Keep It Simple Socks

Review: How I stepped up my sock game with Keep It Simple Socks

Mike Thomas

I recently realized that my summer sock game needs some work. For the winter, I have about fifty pair of these generic grey wool jams, which do the trick for keeping the tootsies warm while looking presentable in the highly professional environs of the (614) office (ha).

With warm weather approaching, it’s back to the drawer to the winter-weight-woolies. But as far as summer socks go, I’m working with business-unfriendly Nike-swooshed ankle socks, and these:


Frankly, I’m as appalled as you are. These rat-bitten Gold-Toe dad socks have got to go, so I reached out to the experts at Columbus-based company Keep It Simple Socks to help me level up – and they delivered. Literally. It’s a sock delivery service, y’all.

With a combination of style and comfort, Keep It Simple’s socks could be just the thing to kick start a style revolution in this city, one sock drawer at a time. The folks at KISS were kind enough to hook me up with a few pair, and I spent part of the past week trying them out.

Upon unboxing, I was immediately struck by the socks bright colors and vibrant patterns—from wacky 80’s looks to a pair in Scarlet and Grey. Could I pull these off? I wasn’t sure, but I was willing to give it a shot.

After slipping on the first pair, I almost felt sorry placing my cool new socks into a blown out pair of Vans. A shoe makeover should probably be the next area I address, but that’s for another day.

At any rate, initial impressions of the socks were good. They fit comfortably, and the patterns didn’t look stretched out on my size 13 feet. As anyone who wears larger sizes can attest, finding a sock that fits correctly can be a headache. With Keep It Simple Socks, everything was where it belonged, and my feet never felt choked.

These things fit well, and they look cool, too. While wearing them, I caught myself looking down to admire the pattern more than once, which is more than I can say for any other sock I’ve worn. If I noticed, I’m sure other people did too. It’s a nice touch that tells people you pay attention to the little things.

Wearing these socks for the better part of a week was not a life-changing experience. They’re just socks after all. That said, I believe there is truth in the name of this company. The whole experience was simple – the way such a basic item of clothing should be.

If you want to step up your sock game and support local business in the process, check out Keep It Simple Socks for yourself. With bundle deals and a monthly sock subscription option, you’ll never again feel ashamed to flash a little ankle around the office again.


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