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Summer Squad: 5 group activities you have to do this summer

Summer Squad: 5 group activities you have to do this summer

614now Staff

Sure, you’re probably already aware of the many great festivals, attractions, and recreation opportunities to be found throughout Columbus in the summer months. So why do you and the gang just hit the same two bars every weekend?

It’s not that you don’t know how to have fun, but maybe you just need some inspiration to bust you and your squad out of your routine. After all, summer is fleeting, but your go-to bar will always be there. Here are five ways to hit the town with friends before the next inevitable polar vortex traps you indoors!

Rollin’ on the river – Trapper John’s Canoe Livery, 7141 London Groveport Rd

Beat the heat and get one hell of an upper-body workout with a kayak outing to Trapper John’s. With trips covering various mileage, you’re sure to find something to suit any group. If you can, take off work and hit the river on a weekday, when discounted rates are in effect.

Take the show on the road – Cbus Brewbus

You want to treat the crew to the ultimate Columbus Tour-de-Breweries, but Uber rides add up fast. Put your dollars to better use and schedule a tour with CBus Brewbus for you and your gang. You can even bring beer aboard and kick a few back between stops!


Burn off the booze – Pedal Wagon Columbus

For the group that wants to explore the Columbus beer scene through a less sedentary mode of transport, there’s Pedal Wagon Columbus. With one of these pedal-powered wagons, it’s all about the teamwork. Plus, all that pedaling really helps take the calorie-induced guilt out of a night of boozing on the town.

Chill out, man – Gateway Film Center/Studio 35

If you don’t have air conditioning, you have to get creative to beat the summer heat. Did you know there are these great big rooms throughout the city where you and your friends can pay to sit down for hours at a time? And they even show movies! For summertime chillin’ in that sweet, sweet AC, the city’s great independent theaters (like the Gateway Film Center and Studio 35) can’t be beat.

Floor it! – GPK Indoor Entertainment, 1300 Alum Creek Drive

While GPK stands for “Grand Prix Karting,” this hidden gem of an entertainment destination offers so much more than just go-karts. From laser tag to some of the most impressive escape room experiences in central Ohio, there’s enough here to keep your group entertained for the whole summer.


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