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Tips and tricks on how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving

Tips and tricks on how to decorate your home for Thanksgiving

Mitch Hooper

There’s not quite a holiday season like the one that occurs from November to January. By and large, nobody’s decorating their house in all green for St. Paddy’s Day, and have you ever seen a pine tree decked out in lights for Fourth of July? Not a chance. When it comes to creating a festive home, the winter holidays reign supreme. It’s one of the few times in the year where your home becomes a hosting hub for your extended family, friends, and the occasional work party.

But where does one even begin when diving into decor? Anyone who has tried to take on a DIY project from Pinterest has learned one thing: it’s harder than it looks. And that’s why (614) reached out to Nicole McCollugh (@littlehouseinthecity614) for some advice and tips on the fall decor trends. She’s the queen of her own space and her Instagram page is full of crafty designs, earth tone color palettes, and a litany of good ideas. While she can’t help you not ruin the turkey this year, she can at least make sure your home looks IG-ready while the bird burns. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, let’s jump in before the in-laws arrive.


(614): What are some trends you are noticing with decorating your home in fall?

NM: I feel like this year the trend is a more simple and natural look. Real pumpkins and mums and very realistic faux pumpkins, floral arrangements and garlands are things I’m continually seeing more of this year.

(614): Where are some of your favorite spots to get decor for your home?

I tend to just go to the stores that are convenient to me and where we are located in Grove City. I go to Hobby Lobby, Target, and Michaels a lot because they are very close by. I also love to go to local vendor markets. I just went to the Country Living Magazine Fair and the Vintage Market Days event. Local markets are great for finding more unique decor.

(614): What are some affordable ways to spice up your living room?

For a quick and cheap little living room makeover try switching out some accessories with other ones you may have in storage, add bits of greenery, get some new throw pillows and blankets, and try to repurpose furniture or go thrifting for furniture to repurpose for a fun DIY.

(614): Do you have any tips for when house guests visit for Thanksgiving?

I just try to have a tidy house when we have guests over and I always have fresh towels and fresh sheets. To make them feel a little more special putting some fresh flowers in their bedroom or bathroom is a nice little touch.

(614): Do you have any tips or tricks for first time Thanksgiving hosts?

I hate cooking so I say just keep it simple and pick of few of everyone’s favorites and stick with that. Also if people offer to help or bring a dish, let them!!

(614): What are some cliche decorations that people should avoid? And when is cliche okay?

I mean I say if it’s a decoration you like then do it! It doesn’t matter if it’s cliche or not. When it comes to decorating I say do what makes you happy.

(614): What’s a good starting budget for someone looking to decorate this season?

You just need to realize it takes a few years to build up your collection for the seasons. I say start with $100 and get some pieces you like and then keep adding to it each year.



(614): What are some ways people can change up the typical centerpiece for their Thanksgiving dinner table?

Don’t just focus on the centerpiece—focus on the whole table. From the table runner to the napkins, focus on adding textures and dimensions to the whole thing!

(614): What are some relatively easy DIY designs people could use this season?

You can find a lot of cheap DIY fall projects on Pinterest. You can spray paint faux pumpkins from Dollar Tree or make pretty floral arrangements from Dollar Tree.

(614): Is it better to go with fresh options, or fake plants and such for a centerpiece?

I like to use faux plants because I set the dining room table up early. I do like to throw fresh flowers around the house though to spruce things up, especially sunflowers!

(614): What are some other ways to decorate the table beyond just a centerpiece?

Some smaller things to focus on that make it more professional looking are place cards for the individual table settings, napkins, and tableware.

(614): How are you decorating your table for Thanksgiving?

This is actually my first year really going all out and setting the table up for Thanksgiving. I got a table runner, new dishes, two types of garland, some candles, and a pumpkin I already had to complete the final look!

(614): What are some fun ways to decorate the kid’s table this year?

My husband and I have an only child in the family on both sides and she is only two so she sits at the table with all of us. But one day when there are more kids I think it would be fun to do a paper table cloth that they can color on or write what they are thankful for and put small pumpkins at each place setting with stickers for them to decorate it with. Basically just keep them entertained for as long as possible so the adults can enjoy some conversation!

Nicole McCollugh can be found on Instagram at @littlehouseinthecity614. Follow her for more ideas and DIY projects.


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