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4 winning recipes from the annual (614) Holiday Cocktail Competition

4 winning recipes from the annual (614) Holiday Cocktail Competition

614now Staff

Last week, several hundred of Santa’s little, lush-y helpers joined us for the sold-out 7th annual Holiday Cocktail Competition. Over 20 unique and festive cocktails from some of Columbus’ best bars were sampled, tasty appetizers were had, and sights and sounds of the season were enjoyed.

All photos by Rebecca Tien

Our panel of esteemed judges sipped each elixir and completed the difficult duty of selecting the top three. The 300+ guests of the Holiday Cocktail Competition were also tasked with a challenging job: choosing their favorite drink.

After two fun-filled hours, the results were in.


Scroll down to see all the winners, and don’t forget to pick your favorite recipe to impress your friends at the next holiday party!

Fan Favorite: Asterisk Supper Club

Tea With Milk
Spiced Apple cider Reduction
Chai Tea
Dem Sugar

Bartenders: Steven Riska and Andrew Connelly

3rd Place: Denmark

Sugar Plum Dreams
1.5 oz Old Forester Rye
.5 oz Sugar Plum Cordial (made with Finlandia Vodka)
5 oz Winter Amaro (made with Finlandia Vodka)
1 tbsp Coco Lopez
1 tbsp Sugar Plum Jam
.25 oz Fresh Pressed Pineapple Juice
3 dashes Orange Fig Bitters (made w/ Finlandia Vodka) Dehydrated Pineapple to Garnish

Bartender: Garry White

2nd Place: Citizen’s Trust

Grandpa’s New Girlfriend
2 oz House Spiced Mount
0.5 oz Werther’s Candy Syrup
2 Dashes Rosemary Bitters
.25 oz Bruichladdich PC 10

Bartenders: Logan Demmy and Paige Pfleger (whose grandfather inspired the drink)

1st Place: Cosecha Cocina

Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate
Herradura Tequila Anejo
Dark Chocoalate
Cocoa Nibs
Grilled Brown Chipoltes
Mexican Coffee
Coconut Milk

Bartenders: Hans Maggard and David Veitch


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