Bean Dreams: 5 places to celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Mike Thomas

Coffee: the fuel that gets your morning moving. The stuff of first dates. The perfect beverage for those deep conversations between best friends.

Coffee is great, but the only problem is getting enough of it in your body. Chug away all day and you’re bound to get the jitters. Coffee enemas? Not for everyone.

Short of mainlining the stuff, there’s no better way to get your fix than coffee ice cream—and would you believe it? Today is National Coffee Ice Cream Day! Enjoy these picks of our favorite coffee varietals from Columbus’ many great cone zones.

Velvet Ice Cream | 11324 Mt Vernon Rd, Utica, OH (and in a freezer aisle near you)

The velvety goodness of this down-home ice cream is all the rocket fuel you’ll need to get through your day.

CRMD | 1190 N High Street

As long as you’re getting coffee out of the way, you might as well take care of breakfast. Top that java treat with your favorite childhood cereal at this millennial-targeting High Street newcomer.


Graeter’s | Multiple locations

Graeter’s might be Cincinnati’s top export aside from Skyline Chili—and unlike Skyline, no one can fault you for inviting chocolate to this party.

Johnson’s Real Ice Cream | 2728 E Main St

Johnson’s is nothing short of a Columbus institution. With ice cream this good, they could afford to play it safe with their flavor names—but what’s the fun in that? Get a scoop of “Coffee and the Cool Beans” today for a rockin’ good time.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams | Multiple locations

If you’re not already flying off the handle in a caffeine-induced stupor, hop in line at Jeni’s for a scoop o’ Joe. In this case, cream and sugar are mandatory!


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