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Fall Brunch Crawl: 4 local spots offering seasonal selections

Fall Brunch Crawl: 4 local spots offering seasonal selections


Ah, the brisk of fall. The season that was once an excuse to stay inside—given the weather’s transition from warm to crisp—gives reason for brunch hoppers to venture into neighborhood finds.

A growing brunch seedbed resides in the Short North and Italian Village, and if you’re in the area, you may stumble across a weekend pop-up at the vegan digs of & Juice Co, or even the modern Americana of Hubbard Grille.

In Columbus, plenty of restaurants have an invigoration of reliable mid-morning classics, so rather than nuking day-old cold pizza in the microwave, Stock & Barrel provides a glance at four spots with fall brunch selections that are just a stone’s throw away.


Photos: Rebecca Tien

Coated with strawberries, granola, nuts and bananas and drizzled with pure Ohio maple syrup, Tasi’s stuffed French toast is considered a sweet, but decadent staple among Short North brunch-goers. If you’re craving a dish on the savory side, the poached eggs and black bean cake boasts a fluffy, light consistency, while the black bean cake provides a seasoned density.

The vegetable mix of the Greek scrambled eggs can be dolloped atop of pita bread, but don’t forget to request a side to round out your brunch. Glazed with rosemary and garlic, roasted potatoes pair well with the stickiness of the sweet and spicy bacon.

For morning booze without a migraine, prepare your taste buds for the tantalizing spice of the ginger pear bourbon, apple Tom Collins or apple cider mimosa.

If you’re craving a tomato twist, Tasi’s Bloody Mary is crowned with pepperoni, olives, pickled carrots celery and hot peppers. How’s that for spicing up your life?


Reservations for Wolf’s Ridge can be made online, but also try giving the restaurant a call to inquire about brunch availability. If you’re lucky, you may experience their weekend brunch where you can start your course with the lightly sugar-coated lemon poppy seed doughnuts.

In a crunch to wash down your starter? Try the fruit-tinged beermosa, which features the aromatic Cocchi Americano wine, orange juice and Hefeweizen beer. The silky egg white and yolk steals the show of Toad in the Hole, accentuated with a generous topping of arugula.

For those in need of a brunch buddy, fried soft shell crab accompanies the Benedict, with egg seasoned by Old Bay, flowing over sautéed spinach and an English muffin.



September to mid-October may give Cosecha Cochina guests one last chance to dine on the outdoor patio before winter hits, so why not make your brunch experience festive? A traditional Mexican take of chicken and waffles, the masa waffle con pollo frito is doused with salsa matcha and guajillo syrup.

Huevos rancheros might be considered a conventional brunch meal, but Cosecha’s sizzling take includes house-made salsa ranchera and queso fresco. Be sure to pair the chorizo-spiced bacon with the spongy, chocolate and almond crunch of the churro’d bread pudding for a tender and candied coupledom.

As a feast your eyes and stomach can both manage, the open-faced molletes is smothered with black bean puree, pico de gallo and chipotle aioli. For a floral infusion of orange, lime and hibiscus, take a swig of the Next Episode margarita to say you at least had a fruit for brunch.


The calming, oriental atmosphere of Zen Cha makes for ideal seclusion, as brunchers can look outside at Short North passersby who may stop in for a warming tea.

The tingling cinnamon mint chai and the wild orchid and honeyed jade oolong tea partner well with guests who need an herbal boost just before deciding on an entree.

If you aren’t in the mood for liquid tea, the fruity tang of Okonomiyaki pancakes could be your best option. Even if you don’t want tea, don’t dismiss options that are reminiscent of its soothing glory. Why not try the caramelized banana and fresh mango-layered masala chai waffle, or the crunch of blueberry scones?

For a touch of herb, there’s a side of potato hash, spiced with red pepper, onion and garlic. As a traditional brunch ending, the hand-wrapped Chinese dumplings will allow your fall to be in good fortune.

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