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The most photogenic ice cream shop is now open on High Street

The most photogenic ice cream shop is now open on High Street

Mike Thomas

It seems a new challenger is emerging in the race to claim the Columbus ice cream crown.

CRMD, a new ice cream spot at 1190 N. High St. in the Short North, is now open, serving up totally delicious and Instagrammable treats.

According to their website, “CRMD is an exclusive and hype ice cream experience, delivering a unique style of dessert.” They aim for customer satisfaction in a trendy fashion with their “rich, creamy frozen ice cream.”


Besides its unique and edgy take on the beloved treat, CRMD sets itself apart from the competition with its puffle offering. WTH is a puffle, you ask?

“A puffle is also known as an egg waffle. An egg waffle is a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong and Macau, and is an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells. They are usually served hot, and often eaten plain, although they may be served with fruit and flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate.”

Inside the puffle, CRMD offers flavors including matcha, Viet coffee, and cereal + milk along with a wide variety of creative toppings.

For more information and a full list of flavors, visit


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