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Too Good To Eat: Katalina’s Original Pancake Balls

Too Good To Eat: Katalina’s Original Pancake Balls


When life gives you balls, hold them tenderly, play with them, and take a bite. What can I say? Katalina’s knows their way around these doughy bite-sized bundles of happiness.

Hidden in the quiet comfort of suburbia, this local eatery boasts some of the most picturesque brunch dishes. Ranging from huevos rancheros, to “hens-in-a-basket,” to the ever famous original pancake balls, Katalina’s knows how to draw in a crowd.


Their claim to fame, the highly coveted balls of wonder, comes perfectly paired with a side of thick sweet and spicy bacon to balance out the flavors of the delicate pockets of joy.

Take your pick between Nutella, dulce de leche, or pumpkin apple butter to fill the insides of your sweet and tender balls.

Place one delicately in your mouth and watch as its sticky sweetness oozes from within and down the sides of your mouth. Grab a piece of bacon and rip into it as the flavor courses through you and soothes your soul.

You can’t help but lick your lips as your mouth yearns for more. And with little hesitation, give in to that desire. There’s no shame in doing so. We’ve all done it.

Katalina’s has a location in Harrison West and Clintonville. Visit

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