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Too Good To Eat: Momo Ghar’s Nepalese dumplings

Too Good To Eat: Momo Ghar’s Nepalese dumplings


We like big balls and we cannot lie, you other eaters can’t deny. What can I say? Momo Ghar knows how to serve them up big and in style.

Hailing from the humble origins of Saraga International Market, Momo Ghar is home to Columbus’ favorite dumplings. This little shop brings the Nepalese staple to the ever-growing, diverse food scene in the city.

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To order this dish, grab a seat at the lunch counter and watch as the staff prepare your big bowl of comfort. Order the momo jhol and watch in awe as they serve up eight perfectly plump little dumplings onto a bed of the most rich, thick, and savory red sauce.


Take a bite of that little pocket of joy and sit in silence as the warm juices start flowing from within that first bite. Let some of it run down your lips and chin as you surreptitiously attempt to wipe away any evidence of your reckless eating with childlike wonder.

Watch as the steam is released from the dumplings and rises along with your desire for more. Order like a regular and get yourself a side of naan to go with your dish. Rip off a piece, soak it into the sauce, and be prepared to be blown away by the fullness of the umami taste.

It just might  make you want to order another dish to-go. Or to dine-in. Either is good.

Momo Ghar is located in Saraga International Grocery at 1265 Morse Rd. and inside North Market.

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