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Too Good To Eat: North African-inspired Shakshuka at The Table

Too Good To Eat: North African-inspired Shakshuka at The Table


Olive you from my head tomatoes. At least, that is what you will say after you sample this dish.

Looking to impress your gal pals/your lady friends/your grandmother? The Table is the answer to all your needs and prayers.

Located in a cute, yet unassuming converted brick house, this local establishment features a farm-to-table menu with a rustic vibe.


Featured is their North African-inspired Shakshuka, an eggy tomato-based dish topped with feta cheese, black olives, and loads of flavor. Paired with this dish is freshly warmed pita straight out of the oven.

Pro tip: rip into the bread and watch as the flaky pieces flutter away as you dip into the saucy thickness of the runny egg and tomato concoction.

Place that generous helping of flavor into your mouth and be prepared to make your tastebuds sing.

Run out of bread as you mindlessly shovel more and more of the pita into your mouth? No worries. There is no shame in simply licking the ramekin clean to get that last drop of goodness. There is no sense of decorum when it comes to savoring the flavor.

The Table is located at 21 E 5th Ave #101. To learn more, visit

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