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Too Good To Eat: Oshio’s Gunkan sushi roll

Too Good To Eat: Oshio’s Gunkan sushi roll


Wassa bae? Are those chopsticks, or are you just happy sashimi?

Are you looking to roll with your homies? Look no further than Oshio Sushi in Grandview. Grab yourself a bottle of sake, get comfortable, and let me help you get acquainted with this local eatery.

Situated in the heart of Grandview, Oshio Sushi boasts fresh sushi and snacks in a contemporary no-frills setting. But one of the hidden secrets is the Gunkan roll.


Created as an alternative to the traditional seaweed and rice, this unique roll combines the distinct flavors of salmon, crab, and tobiko all wrapped up in a freshly crisp cucumber skin. Drizzle with some savory mono-mono sauce on top and your snack is ready to eat.

With your chopsticks, (or your hands, whichever you feel more strongly about) pop the entire roll in your mouth to fully taste the flavor combination. Feel that crunch of the cucumber echo throughout your mouth as you simultaneously savor the taste of the salmon and crab.

One bite in and it will keep you coming back for more. You might have just found your soy mate!

Oshio is located at 974 W 5th Ave. Visit for more information.

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