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DeWine on gun law reform: “Everything’s on the table”

DeWine on gun law reform: “Everything’s on the table”

Mike Thomas

In the United States’ second mass shooting in 24 hours, a gunman killed 9 people and wounded 27 others in Dayton’s historical Oregon District.

As those in Dayton and beyond grieve in the aftermath of this senseless act, the public outcry for government action to address mass shootings continues.

In the wake of this latest tragedy, Ohio Governor Mike Mike DeWine has stated that “everything’s on the table” when it comes to potential changes in gun policy at the state level.

According to the Dispatch, the governor said any potential gun policy legislation must meet three objectives to gain his endorsement — it must be constitutional, “respect the Second Amendment” and “move the ball, in other words, improve the situation.”


As a member of the US House, DeWine voted for the assault weapons ban and other gun control measures, but has since changed his stated stance on these issues.

At a vigil on Sunday evening held in Dayton, DeWine was interrupted by a crowd chanting, “Do something!” while attempting to deliver remarks.

The group Ohioans for Gun Safety is seeking 135,000 signatures to put a bill before Ohio lawmakers requiring background checks on all gun sales. If the State Assembly fails to act, another successful round of signature gathering would put the measure to a public vote on an upcoming ballot.


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