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Video: Alphabet proved difficult for Franklin Co Judge during OVI arrest

Video: Alphabet proved difficult for Franklin Co Judge during OVI arrest

614now Staff

Update: Walking, speaking, and reciting the alphabet was just not in Franklin County Judge Monica Hawkins’ wheelhouse the night of her OVI arrest.

Just…just watch this video from 10TV.

Here’s a video of Hawkins’ failed attempt to recite the alphabet.

02/05/2019: One of the people expected to be Franklin County’s most honorable earned herself a blood and vomit-covered OVI charge recently.

Newly-appointed Judge Monica Hawkins of the Franklin County Domestic Relations Court was pulled over Thursday night after Pickerington police received a 911 call about a car “all over the roadway,” traveling northbound on Route 256 near Refugee Road at around 8:30pm, reports 10TV.

The responding officer reportedly witnessed Hawkin’s vehicle almost strike a curb, make a lane violation, and make abrupt stops.

When the officer pulled her over, he said he smelled alcohol immediately.

Hawkins appeared to have bruises on her face and a bleeding wound on her forehead, though she claimed they were old injuries and did not have any affect on her driving abilities, reports 10TV.

When asked where she was coming from, Hawkins reportedly said she “didn’t know the name” of the downtown restaurant.


Paramedics were called, but Hawkins refused medical attention.

10TV reports the officer noticed what appeared to be vomit on her coat and on the driver’s side floorboard when she stepped out of the car.

The officer says Hawkins failed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest. She refused to take a breathalyzer, so a warrant for a blood sample was issued. 10TV reports Hawkins resisted so much that Ohio Health security had to hold her down to obtain the sample.

Hawkins was issued a summons to appear in court on February 14th. She was released to the custody of her family.

Come Monday morning, she was back on the bench conducting hearings as normal with visible bruising on her face.


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